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Types or strains, of garlic include:

  • Artichoke, generally the most productive and easy to grow in almost any climate.
  • Porcelains are large garlic varieties with satiny white wrappers. They store well, have a strong delightful flavour and can be gown in a wide variety of conditions.
  • Rocambole garlic is one of the most widely grown varieties in Canada.
  • Purple Stripe varieties are striped with vertical bands of purple, are rich in flavour, and make the sweetest baking garlics of all.

Our Garlic Varieties

Italian Softneck


10 – 12 cloves. Great for eating raw when you’re not looking to be overwhelmed by heat but still want great flavour! Milder heat to start but increases as it stores. Great for processing into garlic powder and seasoning.

Ukrainian Softneck


10 – 12 cloves. Similar to Italian with noticeable changes in flavour. Our softnecks are known for their incredible storage time! Great for processing into garlic powder and seasoning.



4 – 6 large cloves. Strong and very spicy with a long storage time and abundant flavour. Very unique and a must-have!



4 – 6 large cloves. Similar to Majestic in all categories but surpasses it in spice! This is our hottest garlic.

Russian Red


7 – 10 cloves. This is our most popular variety! Spicy when eaten raw but has an amazing garlicy flavour when cooked.

Persian Star

Purple Stripe

7 – 10 beautifully coloured cloves. Ideal for roasting and baking giving off a unique nutty flavour but not too hot.


Marbled Purple Stripe

4 – 7 large cloves with a sweeter flavour and great depth. Very hardy and a good one for planting!

Red Russian

Marbled Purple Stripe

5 – 8 large cloves a deep purple colour and considered by us to be a “Jack of all Trades.” You can’t go wrong with Red Russian.

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